Dear 2015 Pitch Wars Mentees

26 Aug

*Update: Welcome to my stop on the blog hop! To find links to the other bloggers’ posts, see the bottom of this one.*

Congratulations on making it in to PitchWars 2015! Welcome to the club and what an awesome club it is. I am in awe of my brilliant 2014 PW peeps. But what does being in the club really mean?

You might be hoping it means instant fame and one miiiiillion dollars.

Okay, not that exactly, but that success (insert fireworks and champagne here) is on the horizon. It might be, but it’s impossible to know how long that journey will take. To be sure, it’s good to look at the horizon every now and then, to keep that distant vision in your heart and stay on course. The trouble with the horizon is it never seems to get any closer. And that can be really daunting, even paralyzing, at times.

So my advice is to spend most of your time looking at the road right in front of you or in your rear view mirror.

When you focus on the next mile or even just the next ten feet, you know you can do it.  Deepening that secondary character? You can do it. Pulling out a minor plotline? You can do it. Just keep putting one step in front of the other.

Then, after a while, take a look back. Looking back allows you to see and celebrate what you’ve accomplished so far. And it can give you the fuel you need to take that next step when you are worn out. Because no one tells you that even the best manuscripts have to be revised 8,452 times.

Lastly, don’t compare your journey with anyone else’s. You do you.

If I had known the odds last year, I probably wouldn’t have entered. Looking back, I’m glad I did. I’ll bet you’re glad, too. Now get going on that journey and make the most of every step.


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