Vivi says…

What can I say about Peggy? I believe it’s best to put it in the form of Haiku:

Friend and confidante

Her talent is outstanding

None can hold her back

Seventeen syllables don’t seem to do her credit, so I’ll try this:

<cue suspenseful music> A time long ago, in a land far away…there was a woman called Peggy

Nope, themed movie announcement doesn’t seem to work either, so I will elaborate in prose. Having worked in the field of human resources, Peggy may come across as professional, put-together, and poised. However, I know the truth – she’s a nut! I have known Peggy since moving to Orlando and being introduced through our husbands, who were fraternity brothers. She can take the sarcasm I dish out and turn it right back around in a truly hilarious way. I realized immediately that working with Peggy on a young adult novel would be a perfect collaboration. She helped take a project that was going nowhere and give it direction.

She’s a busy lady, balancing a job as a consultant and providing executive coaching at a local college while managing her career development blog and shepherding her kids to soccer tournaments or spelling bees. No matter how much she has on her plate, she can always be counted on to enjoy life.

She is a fellow artist whom I feel honored to call a friend.

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