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Picture Myself Here

12 Mar

A picture’s worth a thousand words, but this poster’s invaluable–at least to me.

The funny thing is, I found it at almost exactly the same time Eva found hers, neither of us looking for them.  We made them over a year ago as part of an exercise in The Artist’s Way.

Last week, I went to move the buffet in my dining room to temporarily place a mirror behind until I could hang it (not wanting my son to break it first).  That’s when this rolled out from underneath.

“What’s this?” Michael wanted to know.

“Oh, nothing,” I assured him.  “Just a little collage I made with the girls last year.”

But it really is more than that.  The power of visualization is evident. Just a short year later, this poster feels like it’s actually coming to life.

What does the life you want look like?  Make your own poster.  It seems silly, I know, but it really does have value, as much as you can imagine.  If you want, send us a photo and “the story” of your collage to Chick Stories.  Just don’t be surprised when the life you visualize starts becoming real.

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