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ZOOM! Review January Power Word

31 Jan

The Answers You’ve Been Waiting for

22 Jan

How many of the ten 70’s and 80’s sitcoms in 18 parodied scenes were you able to identify on your own? Now watch this version to see the answers revealed.

Week 7 Task: Learning to Navigate the Learning Curve

1 Nov

This is an exercise in encouragement. Faced with doing something new, we often forget we have successfully done many “somethings” old.  Take pen in hand and list 10 things you have learned to do despite your doubt they could be mastered.

– Julia Cameron

As you all know that we are recording our new Theme Song.   I have done some crazy things but singing has been the craziest. The truth is I can’t sing at all!  but that did not stop me, I was excited about recording our theme song.  I believe that having my chicks there supporting and encouraging me, and having our music muse there making me sound decent gave me the courage to do it and enjoy it.

Here is my list of 10 things I have leaned to do despite my doubts.

1. Run a Triathlon – Who though at 40ish something I could love this sport.
2. Buddha Center to learn how to meditate– I learned to quite my mind which was impossible for me, and has helped me deal with hard situations.
3. Accounting – WOW!  Never went to school for this and it has come naturally to me even though I really don’t enjoy it.
4. Writing – I’m not a very good writer.  But blogging has forced me to at least give it a try.
5. Videography – Even though I’m still learning.  I really enjoy capturing great moments on video.  And without it I would not be able to video blog the chicks.
6.  Going back to school – This is big.  I have been debating this for many years and questioning myself if I could go back and have the patience to do this.  Well I could say now that I’m doing great and enjoying every minute of it.
7.  Reiki Practitioner – Took Level 1 and Level 2 classes and has really helped me.
8.  Public Speaking – Ohhhhh! How I hate to speak in public.  But at my 5K Mercado Run I was forced to give a speech.  OK, it was not that bad and I wasn’t really forced. I did have some blocking moments in which I had to close my eyes when announcing the charity organization to the group, in which was the most important part of course.
9. Breast Feeding – Never though I could do this and was the best experience of my life.
10. Driving Stick Shift – I needed a car when going to college and someone was selling their Jeep for a good price.   I didn’t want to say that I couldn’t drive a Stick Shift, because I wanted the car so bad.  I learned on the way home from work with a friend telling me what to do.  I almost gave her a heart attack.

What are your 10 things?

A Story To Tell

28 Feb

Saturday night I tweeted that Running equals good mood and creativity.  I did not go for a run the next morning like I was thinking I was going to do.  I went running at noon time, the hottest time that I could go.  Don’t ask.  So at mile 3.1, I started thinking about creativity hoping to take my mind off how tired and hot I was feeling.

I came to the conclusion at mile 4.5, that I’m not a writer like my other 3 Chicks are.  I’m not even a very good videographer, or editor, or runner.  Or even a very good writer.  But what I do have is a story.

Julia Cameron said that you need to take baby steps, to just start–even if it’s me sitting in front of the computer for 10 minutes a day.  Eventually I will become a good videographer, editor, and an OK writer.

So, this is what I can guarantee: that I will forget to clean my video lenses, my video will be shaky, that I will write there instead of their. That I will still struggle to breathe even if I have been running for over 2 years.  But, I will have a story to tell.

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