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2 Jun

After two months of doing nothing but writing (when not attending to life, of course), I can finally say that 85,000 words and several edits later, I have completed my first solo young adult novel – The Ordinarys. This is such an enormous accomplishment for me, who’s always had a hard time finishing anything! Oh, I’ve started many a great project, but it always seemed like something would get in the way (okay, it was usually just my own procrastination). I think the reason why this was so different is that I wrote the kind of story that I personally love to read, with the kind of romance and adventure that draws me into a story. I also let that which angers me in today’s world, such as greed and lust for power, fuel me forward through my writing. Add that to the fact that I never stopped, never missed a single day of writing, and voila – a completed novel.

Passion (+ pissed off) + perseverance = personal success!

Now it’s time to ship it off to the world of literary agents. Let the rejections (and hopefully an acceptance) commence!

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