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September Power Word: BOUNCE!

2 Sep
Susan Adams, Dallas, TX; cc-by-sa 2.0

Susan Adams, Dallas, TX; cc-by-sa 2.0

Happy Labor Day!

Summer has just about come and gone, but weep not. I, the Muse, love all seasons.  Each season brings its own sights, sounds, and activities.

Today, savor one last day of the lazy days of summer.  Once you’ve enjoyed the diversions of summer, it’s time to BOUNCE back into school, work and, of course, new creative endeavors.

What new book, painting, pottery, dance, film or other project do you have in store this month?  I’m waiting…

June Power Word: DIVE!

1 Jun

It’s summertime!  Time for sun and fun.  And cooling off  in the ocean, the pool, the lake.  Wherever your favorite watering hole may be.

Rafi B/CCA 2.0

Rafi B/CCA 2.0

Whether you’re lazily dangling a foot off the dock, sitting in the calm morning surf, or swirling in slow circles on a plastic float, it’s all good.  But nothing is more freeing than leaping into the air and flying for the length of a of heartbeat, until splash, your hands hit the cool water.   It’s time to DIVE into summer and into your art.

What will you DIVE into this month?

What did the 4 Chicks do this summer?

8 Sep
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