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A New Chuck Story: Timmy — University of Central Florida

15 Feb
Timmy Walczak and his partners: budding artists in film.

Timmy Walczak and his “333” partners accepted this year’s Campus MovieFest challenge to make a compelling short film in just one week.

This new Chick Story comes from a Chuckthat affectionate moniker we’ve given to those creative Chicks of the male persuasion. Please join us in supporting this budding young writer/director artist in his dream of having his short film screened in Hollywood. Here’s how:

  1. First, read and be inspired by Timmy’s journey in creating “333” below.
  2. Then  watch his 3:33 video shown at the bottom for your own brief, engaging journey through time and space.
  3. Finally, be sure to LIKE “333” on YouTube after you watch it. The more likes, the more likely Timmy’s short film will be selected to be screened in Hollywood!    

“333” is a short film made for Campus MovieFest, the world’s largest student film competition. CMF gives students a chance to make a short film but gives them only a week to make it. I willingly accepted the challenge.

I knew I wanted to do something science fiction. It’s a genre that I hadn’t tapped into before, but I always had a desire to venture into the world of sci-fi. Time travel also intrigued me, and I had written a number of concept ideas. I wasn’t sure which one I was going to go with, so I decided to just combine them all.

“333” is comprised of three short stories about time travel. The film gets its name from the length of each sequence: one minute and eleven seconds, making the total length of the sequences three minutes and thirty-three seconds.

The filming process went rather smoothly. Murphy’s Law states that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. When making a film, even a short film, this foreboding law is quite prevalent. One needs to use a lot of foresight to avoid potential problems. I found myself fortunate to easily take care of the few complications that crossed my path.

At the Campus MovieFest Finale, it was so rewarding to see “333” selected as a finalist and shown on a big screen. The positive reaction from the audience was equally rewarding.

The film is finished, and CMF has moved on from the University of Central Florida, but “333” is still in the running for the CMF Wild Card. Although my film did not win the Best Picture category, it still has a chance to be screened in Hollywood if it manages to get the most online views. My mission now is to promote “333” so that it can shown on the silver screen in Hollywood land.

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