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Fan Fiction Confession

13 Aug

It’s done.  I went through with it.  I posted my fan fiction on a fanfic site.   For a while, writing it was my dirty little secret because fan fiction doesn’t get the same respect that “serious” writing does.  But after a while, I decided that writing is writing and it’s all part of practicing the craft.  The next step was to post it, so I did. 

Now that I’ve posted it, you’d think I’d be excited, but like Eva talked about in one of our recent chats, the feeling after the event itself (in her case a triathalon) is one of let-down.   I feel a bit so-what.  I mean, there was some initial excitement – I think you get that feeling whenever you put yourself out there.  And I’ve gotten some nice feedback, which is certainly pleasant enough.  But I don’t have a feeling of excitement or fulfillment. 

Maybe because I was never all that focused on getting it in front of people.  I really just wanted to write it because I enjoyed mentally continuing the journey even after the book ended and because I wanted to prove to myself I could write something of length on my own.  Not that 15,000 words is that long.  But I found I was able to write it with ease, and felt that I could write double or triple that if I wanted to.  The experience itself was satisfying to me. 

The story overall hasn’t had a lot of traffic, as it is one of many, many out there, but then I haven’t done anything to drive traffic there, and I’ve decided not to.  Because it really isn’t about the feedback.  It was about the writing in the first place.  And now, it’s time to let it go.

So, where does that leave me?  Ready to take on a new project, and know that no matter how long or short it may be, I can do it.

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