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Week 6 Task: A Room of Your Own

2 Oct

This week’s (actually, month’s) task is to find privacy in nurturing our art. Several examples given include taking a train ride, getting up an hour early, borrowing a key to a friend’s place.

Okay, so the nearest train to me is an attraction at the Magic Kingdom, getting up early is completely out of the question since I’m a night person, and borrowing a key would do no good since I would just be walking into similar hectic households as mine. I have found one outlet, though, that isn’t mentioned but for me is the only way to write:

Proof of potentially hectic life


I get the kids into bed, disappear into my room, put the headphones on, and turn on my iTunes “writing” playlist for the right tunes for the scene I’m working on. Anything from Howard Shore (gentle romance) to Korn (torture) to Disturbed (fleeing on a motorcycle) works for me. Simple, but it works. I can’t write without music. It provides me an escape from my reality into someone else’s.

Find your escape and use it! Hey, I have a busy (translated: BUSY) toddler and two sports-involved boys. I found my privacy, can you?

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