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Vivi’s Got an Agent…and a Theme Song!

12 Jun

The Muse gave us these fun t-shirts in honor of our one-year blog anniversary.

Vivi ROCKS! And while this isn’t news to those who know her, Vivi getting an agent has given each of us Chicks exciting new inspiration and motivation.

In the spirit of the blog, we want to celebrate this victory with you, too. I mean, really, Vivi is one of us; she’s a “normal”, hard-working mom of three who’s demonstrated remarkable faith, hard-work and perseverance to make her dreams come true. How encouraging it is for the rest of us to know the secret formula is so simple!

Since Vivi’s announcement was music to everyone’s ears, I figured what better way for us all to congratulate tickling the muse than with a fun little ditty. I hope you’ll sing along, even as you continue down your own path to creative fulfillment.

My favorite post in which I can say I have an AGENT!

24 May

(Movie trailer dude’s voice) In a world where imagination runs wild (not to mention the kids), a writer finds an agent…

Yes! I have an agent!

First a picture of my boys hugging a cute doggie (kind of tugs the “awww” out of you, doesn’t it?):

I love ’em!

So for the past few months I’ve been editing and querying (and editing more) on my young adult manuscript, receiving a pretty decent request rate.  I used any and all feedback to make my manuscript stronger. The responses became more and more personalized, resulting in a revise/resubmit at one point.

More revisions, more querying, more making my poor husband listen to revised and revised and revised excerpts (thank you, babe!). And more waiting at the virtual mailbox.

“Who the hell stuck me in this mailbox?”

And then one Saturday (yeah, a weekend), I got an email from the associate agent at Larsen-Pomada Literary Agency for a phone call. And this was me….


The call wasn’t with Laurie McLean, whom I had originally queried. It was with Pam van Hylckama Vlieg (whom you may know as @BookaliciousPam in Twitter), newly promoted agent, who had rescued my manuscript from the slush pile and begged it off Laurie. I was SO excited that she was SO excited! In fact, (because I stalk people’s tweets sometimes—don’t pretend you don’t!) she was tweeting about it before she sent the email. She had great ideas for revisions and submissions, and she and I clicked instantly. I mean, she managed a rock band! Forget all her publishing industry experience — that’s just COOL!

Well, I did research on Pam, contacting very satisfied clients and even getting affirmation from another agent. So my “offer of rep” (EEP!) emails went forth and prospered into additional offers from other amazing agents! It was like Christmas!

“Oh yeah? Well, who the hell tried to turn me into some present?”

Finally, after a lot of chocolate consumption, I went with my gut (it never lies) and chose the kick-ass Pam to represent me (does she realize yet what she’s gotten herself into?)! A new agent with an established agency, she’s already sold a trilogy in her first couple months!

I look forward to a fantastic relationship with…I can say it now…my AGENT!

Really, Pam, do you know what you’ve gotten yourself into?!

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