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New Obsession: Site Stats

11 Mar

I have a new obsession.  I won’t call it an addiction yet, because it’s still so new.  But obsession?  Oh, yes.  Seeing the number of page views, knowing someone is interested!   It’s become a several-a-day habit.  Okay, several-an-hour.  Geez.  

I can’t help it, truly.  We human beings are social creatures.  When we know someone is listening, that they care, that they get us, it is so affirming.  Why would we not respond to that?  Like the rat going back to push the lever which releases the treat, I approach with pleasant anticipation.  And when I’m rewarded…ahhh…endorphin bath.

Also, perhaps it’s because each view represents a person seeking  and perchance finding what they are looking for – a new perspective, some encouragement, a dose of inspiration.  In other words: the Muse.   

We’ve just had our busiest day yet.  And we’re just getting started.

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