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PADDLE! Through the Rapids

29 May
The Lot River - much bigger and slower than the one we paddled

The Lot River – much bigger and slower than the one we paddled

Years ago, I went on a vacation with my mom. (Hi, Mom!)  We visited my aunt and uncle in France.  I loved everything about France – the art, the architecture, the wine. *sigh*  But my favorite memory is of the day we went canoeing in the countryside near my aunt and uncle’s house.  We put in on a river named the Cele.  My French was rusty and I quite forgot that cele means “swift” in French.  So you can guess where this is going…

Yes, there were some rapids along that river, and yes, my mom and I ended up in the icy cold water once.  But I learned something: when you head into rapids and your heart is beating like crazy and all you want is to put on the brakes, you actually have to do the complete opposite of what your instincts tell you to do.  You have to PADDLE!  As hard as you can.  The faster you go, the better. You get on top of that current and you ride it.  It’s the only way to make it through.  And you know what? It feels awesome!  Now, of all the many things I love, love, love about France, paddling down the Cele tops the list.

So now that I’m in the midst of end-of-school activities with the kids, my work projects are heating up, and I’m preparing for a long family vacation, I can’t slow down.  In fact, I’ve got to paddle hard and fast and conquer that current.  And, I’ve got to keep writing. So far, it’s working.  I’ve written about 5000 words on a couple different projects, completed a chapter book, have queries out and I’m going on a writing retreat soon.  Instead of fighting it, I’m going to enjoy the ride.  C’mon, PADDLE with me!

Week 6 Task: A Room of Your Own

2 Oct

This week’s (actually, month’s) task is to find privacy in nurturing our art. Several examples given include taking a train ride, getting up an hour early, borrowing a key to a friend’s place.

Okay, so the nearest train to me is an attraction at the Magic Kingdom, getting up early is completely out of the question since I’m a night person, and borrowing a key would do no good since I would just be walking into similar hectic households as mine. I have found one outlet, though, that isn’t mentioned but for me is the only way to write:

Proof of potentially hectic life


I get the kids into bed, disappear into my room, put the headphones on, and turn on my iTunes “writing” playlist for the right tunes for the scene I’m working on. Anything from Howard Shore (gentle romance) to Korn (torture) to Disturbed (fleeing on a motorcycle) works for me. Simple, but it works. I can’t write without music. It provides me an escape from my reality into someone else’s.

Find your escape and use it! Hey, I have a busy (translated: BUSY) toddler and two sports-involved boys. I found my privacy, can you?

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