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2 Jun

After two months of doing nothing but writing (when not attending to life, of course), I can finally say that 85,000 words and several edits later, I have completed my first solo young adult novel – The Ordinarys. This is such an enormous accomplishment for me, who’s always had a hard time finishing anything! Oh, I’ve started many a great project, but it always seemed like something would get in the way (okay, it was usually just my own procrastination). I think the reason why this was so different is that I wrote the kind of story that I personally love to read, with the kind of romance and adventure that draws me into a story. I also let that which angers me in today’s world, such as greed and lust for power, fuel me forward through my writing. Add that to the fact that I never stopped, never missed a single day of writing, and voila – a completed novel.

Passion (+ pissed off) + perseverance = personal success!

Now it’s time to ship it off to the world of literary agents. Let the rejections (and hopefully an acceptance) commence!

Dating My Manuscript

10 May

It’s like when I first dated my husband back in the day. All day long my thoughts were consumed with him, and every moment that I wasn’t with him seemed wasted. I thought about him nonstop, and just looking at him made my knees weak and my pulse race.

Now I have those same “newly dating” feelings again…with my manuscript.  One of the tasks in chapter 2 of Julia Cameron’s Walking in this World ask questions related to what you would do if you had unlimited funds and unlimited time. Well, I don’t have either – not by a long shot. I have a great part-time job and three kids that keep me very busy, especially considering one is a toddler. In the past I have said I’m “too busy” to write, to pursue my dream of becoming a writer. In fact, the last book took years to complete. But suddenly, I’m finding myself “dating” my manuscript. I started writing this book just over a month ago and almost sixty thousand words later, am still going strong. I don’t have the time, but I’m finding the time. Any chance I get – whether it’s at night when the kids go to sleep, during my baby’s nap, in the car (not as driver, obviously) – I’m writing.  So while it would be very nice to have unlimited funds and unlimited time, I’m not letting that stop me from pursuing my passion for writing.

And to my husband – I continue to have those same feelings for you today as well. Thank you for your patience as I disappear most nights with laptop in hand. One day soon you’ll have me back…

…unless there’s a sequel, of course.

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