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Power of the people

30 Jan

I caught part of an interview with George Lucas the other day on CBS and loved what he had to say about the democratization of film.  Charlie Rose asked him about the state of movie making today and he said it’s “soaring”.

Because of the changes in technology, he said, it’s getting easier and cheaper to produce films. The cool thing is, he didn’t see it as a bad thing at all, even though he, as the creator of Star Wars, is now one of the “big guys”. He thought that the democratization of the medium only enhanced it overall.

He also said  the same thing was happening with writing.  And he’s right.  Think of how many more people are publishing their writing in all forms, not least of which is on blogs.  Though it’s not all good quality, there is a lot more good content out there because of the sheer volume.  Some great writing, and some great film, which would not otherwise have been seen, is getting an audience.
Also important: a wider variety of subjects is more accessible to people.

Communication, when funneled through a few channels, tends to get very homogenized.  But people are not homogeneous! We are beautiful and interesting in our variations, and we are all richer for being exposed to these differences.

I also reflected on this during the recent protest against online censorship.  Though there is plenty of content out there I find abhorrent, when we give up our rights, we lose.  I was thrilled to see the people take back their power.

Our ability to wield our power of expression benefits us not only individually but as a society. Whether it’s the ability to make films, to publish books, or to effect political change, the more the people have a voice, the better off we all are.

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