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Father’s Day Special (part 3)

19 Jun

Happy Father’s Day to all you fathers out there!  Stay creative!

~The Muse

Father’s Day Special (part 2)

17 Jun

Father’s Day Special (part 1)

15 Jun

You’ve heard from the kids, so now, in honor of Father’s Day, hear from the men in the Chicks’ lives as they discuss their wives’ pursuit of the artist within themselves. The guys also spend time “muse-ing” over who this Muse is that their wives are chasing. Do they hit the proverbial nail on the head? You be the judge!

Of course, you can’t get this group of guys together without the occasional beer and tasteless jokes. Here’s a toast for those handy editing tools. Thanks, guys, for supporting the Chicks as they continue their pursuit of…who else? Me!

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