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12 x 12 Update: Month 2

7 Mar

Usien CCA-SA

Do you ever feel like your life is a 3-ring circus?  I do.  You and I mean this in a world-weary kind of way when we say it, but if we were kids, the circus would be something magical, right?  Well, maybe.

The circus provides the backdrop for my February12×12 picture book manuscript, and for one particular boy, being part of the circus creates a dilemma he must overcome.

I had fun with this one.  The idea began as just a seed I generated in a SCBWI Florida workshop a few years ago.  Finally, finally, I watered it.  It grew like crazy and I actually have something to harvest now.  I’ve shared a first draft with my critique group and now, maybe, just maybe, I will polish it up and send out a few queries.  For the first time in a very long time.

Thank you, Julie Hedlund and my fellow 12×12 writers for the inspiration I needed to finally get this down on paper (or the computer screen).  Two down, ten to go!

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