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DIVE! When you suck at blogging, blog more

18 Jun

So I’ve come to a realization about myself. I suck at blogging. Really—it seems hard to come up with one smart thing to say each month (how do you bloggers do it?), and I use the word “smart” loosely. So what does one do when one sucks at blogging?

I bet you didn’t guess start a new blog.

But that’s what I’m doing. In addition to my role on this blog as one of the 4 Chicks (‘cause I’m not going anywhere!), I’ve started a blog on my own website. Diving into new waters, as it were. And that one I need to really keep up with, since I don’t have 3 other friends to cover for me do the dirty work post in my absence. I can’t guarantee it’ll be earth-shattering posts every time, but I’ll try to say more than um…um…

Although that may very well be part of it.

Vivi crazy

My usual expression

Seriously, though, I know I’m not the only one out there who is pulled in a million different directions every day. The problem is that I love every one of those directions, be it hanging out with family, writing, revising, working. I just never seem to have the time to devote one hundred percent to each one. I mean, unless you’re a Twilight vampire (and if you are, bite me—literally), who does? That’s why I posted a picture of me pulling my hair out, because I seem to do that more often than not.

My sister-in-law recently told me something that stuck with me – give 100% of yourself to whatever you’ve got scheduled at any given time, and not worry about the other items on the list. For example, when working, don’t think about the revisions sitting on your desktop. When with your family (and this one has become much more important to me), don’t think about the work you have to do later. This has actually helped me become a little more focused, and I’ve been able to accomplish more. It didn’t hurt that my son gave me an acrostic poem for Mother’s Day and my computer/writing was listed at least three times (and more than any other theme). So yeah…Momma needs a new attitude.

As for my blog post – it’s on www.vivibarnes.com, and I’m giving away something related to my upcoming debut novel, OLIVIA TWISTED. So come on over and dive in! And leave a comment below if you have any tips to share on how you balance everything OR suggestions for what I can talk about on my new blog. Because anything is better than um…um…

Have a great week!

Kreativ Blogger Award

29 May

With apologies to our subscribers, who, due to an error, received a premature version of this post, I present (finally) my post explaining the award which has been posted on our site for some two months now…

In the midst of a less-than-relaxing vacation, nursing a nasty cold, I got some news that put a badly needed smile on my face: a nomination for the Kreativ Blogger Award!  This award is a fun little do-hickey that means someone liked our little blog about creativity enough to shine a light on it.

The Kreativ Blogger Award is like a funky-cool grassroots award that is floating around the blogging community.  The deal is, when you are nominated (should you choose to accept), you:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link;

2. List seven interesting things about yourself;

3. Nominate seven other bloggers, provide links and let them know.

It’s like the best kind of chain letter ever.  As a rule, I don’t get involved in chain letters.  In fact, I’m living proof that you will NOT die within 10 days, lose all your money, have seven years of bad luck or go to hell by ignoring them. Okay, I guess I don’t know about that last one yet, but I digress…

Ahem.  On behalf of 4Chicks and a Muse, I’d like to accept this award and thank the Academy, err..I mean flujan at  myvoyagethroughtime.wordpress.com for the nomination.

Here are seven interesting (according to me) things about me:

1.  The sports category in Trivial Pursuit is one of my best.  This often trips up my opponents, because they don’t expect a girl to know anything about sports.

2. My perfect elementary school record was blown for “talking too much.” Yes, I like words. Lots of them.

3. Ironically,

the form of poetry I

like best is haiku.

4. The farthest I have ever traveled is to Australia.  I loved the people (!), but you wouldn’t believe how many of them, upon learning that I lived in Texas, asked if I rode a horse to school.

5. After a while, I started saying “yes”.

6. I used to be a cat person but now I’m a dog person.

7. The first serious writing I submitted to a prominent national writing contest won an honorable mention.  That made me feel I might actually have some talent.

Here are my seven nominations with a personal observation about each:

shanjeniah.com – Fun photo collages

livewritethrive.com – Great site for writers

andimjulie.blogspot.com – Smart, spunky gal with my kind of humor

familyhaikus.wordpress.com – Haiku.  Need I say more?

havebaggagewilltravel.com – Fun travel blog with gorgeous photography

thegrownupkids.wordpress.com – A Blogger in Paris (I love, love, love Paris)

decor8blog.com – To satisfy my design appreciation gene.

Check out these phenomenal blogs and find your own new ones as well.  There are so many wonderful, creative (or is it Kreativ?) people out there, and I’m so glad to be part of such a wonderful, worldwide community.

Slow Down and Feel Strong – Week 8 Task

18 Dec

In this chapter of Julia Cameron’s book, Walking in This World, one task in particular spoke to me.  The title was: Slow Down and Feel Strong.  Even though my work is finally slowing down at year end, I still feel myself in a rush.   It’s almost like the end of a 100 yard dash, where you’ve crossed the finish line but the momentum keeps your body moving forward and you just have to keep moving your legs so you don’t fall flat on your face.  Actually, a better analogy would be a small child who, at the end of the day is exhausted, yet they get even more wound up and are literally running mindlessly in circles. Yes, that’s what I feel like at the moment.  So, if I’m truly to enjoy these holidays, I need to slow down. 

The task is to write down a list of 5 areas in your life where you feel a sense of haste and pressure.  Then, to determine if your urgency is misplaced or if you can reset your timeline, and ultimately to slow down, be more in control and not make yourself crazy!  Here is my list:

1.    Reading.  This one is odd.  And a little sad.  Reading is one of my very favorite activities.  I couldn’t wait until the end of the semester so I’d have time to read some books for pleasure.  But am I finding it pleasureable?  So-so at best.  Why?  Because I am literally racing through them.  Just let me get to the end so I can see what happens.  Oh, and check it off my list.   That’s the subliminal refrain I can hear if I slow down for just a moment.  I’m skimming, not savoring.  Ugh.  

This one I definitely need to change my timeline on.  And go back to enjoying reading.

2.   Home ‘refurbishment’.  I know why I’m feeling skitchy about this one.  Because we just finished a major project but there are other, smaller ancillary projects that spun off of it.  You know how it goes – you remodel your kitchen, then it’s obvious the living room needs painting.  And the dining room, and the den.  And then, oh, those window coverings could use a little perking up.  And on it goes.   And I just want it done because I’ll be hosting for the holidays and I want everything to be just right.  

Okay, if I’m being realistic, this is one I can change my timeline on, too.  The truth is, my guests will have a good time no matter what color my living room wall is.

3.   Holiday cards.  I usually like writing and sending holiday greetings.  But I’m rushing through it this year and to be honest, it’s not doing anything for my holiday spirit.  This one I can’t change the timeline on if I actually want people to receive their cards before Christmas.   I’ve already blown the beginning of Hannukah deadline, but I can still make it by the end of the 8 days.  

I could just say ‘forget it, I’ll make them New Year’s card instead’.  But I’m not going to.  This timeline stays.

4.   Eating.   Now, this one sounds really odd, but with everything else going on, I find the very last priority in my day is eating.  I sometimes literally forget to eat lunch or breakfast.  This has never, and I mean never, been my m.o.   Not only do I get painfully hungry and grumpy if I don’t eat often,  I truly love good food.   The thing that makes me such a picky eater is the same thing that makes me go all When Harry Met Sally over the perfect heirloom tomato salad or lemongrass risotto – I can taste every flavor x10.  But now?  I’ll realize among my working, painting, cleaning, making meals for everyone else, rushing to the store and drycleaners and so on that I never made time to eat.   And when I do eat, I just shovel it in.   But don’t worry about me.  I’m not wasting away.  I’ve actually gained 5 pounds in the last few months. 

This is a basic self-care issue.  I need to and I will slow down, make sure I eat, and enjoy my meals once again.

5.   This blog post.  I know, this one’s a little bit of a cheat.  But since it’s 5 minutes until midnight and I said I would get this out “today”, I have to make a choice. 

And, the choice is…no pushing back the time.  Finish it and hit ‘publish’.  And that’s what I’m going to do.

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