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Begin Where You Are

9 Mar

The 4 Chicks Chat about Chapter 1: Discovering a Sense of Origin (PART 2)

This [chapter] initiates your creative pilgrimage. You are the point of origin.  You begin where you are, with who you are, at this time, at this place…When we avoid our creativity, we avoid ourselves.  When we meet our creativity we meet ourselves, and that encounter happens in the moment.  The willingness to be ourselves gives us the origin in originality.

– Julia Cameron, Walking in this World: The Practical Art of Creativity

Want to keep following along?  Here’s how it works:

  1. The 4 Chicks read a chapter.
  2. The Chicks meet and discuss the chapter.
  3. Over the next month or so, the Chicks do the tasks in the chapter and blog about it along the way.
  4. You’re invited to do the same and/or comment on the blog, sharing your own experiences and Chick Stories.

So join in the Chick Chat.

Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone

5 Mar

Wow, what a great day!   I had so much fun with the Chicks yesterday.  We just took a huge step forward – finally having our first meeting to discuss Chapter 1 of Walking in This World.  It felt so good.  It has been a few months since we finished The Artist’s Way, and I didn’t realize how much meeting to discuss it was helping me stay open to creativity, and feel so challenged and encouraged. 

Videoing our chat was actually fun, if a little intimidating.  We were kidding, of course, when we called it “The View”.  But it really did feel like our own show!  Can’t wait to see the video clip that comes out of it.  Or…maybe I can. I’m not too excited about seeing myself on video.  It’s out of my comfort zone.  I guess that is an important part of any creative endeavor, though, isn’t it?  Doing new things helps us see not only new things, but also see what already existed in a whole new way.

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