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Writing advice

12 Feb

Hey chicks, I wanted to share with you what Michael Sprout, Senior Concept Writer & Developer, said in the book “The Imagineering Workout” by the Walt Disney Imagineers:

“I’m a writer.  And you want to know what the most difficult part of my job is? Writing.”  

This is someone really successful in his trade.  We are not alone in struggling to make it happen.  No matter your history of accomplishment, it is work.  He went on to prescribe a seven step process that I love:

Step 1.  Say ‘sure’ (in other words, don’t say ‘no’ because you are afraid)

Step 2. Panic (ha ha, no problem there!)

Step 3. Go to the library (not literally…okay, maybe literally, too; more importantly, use all resources at hand to learn what you need to know)

Step 4. Goof around (Vivi, you’re good at this one 🙂 )

Step 5. Go to sleep (no comment)

Step 6. Let it happen

Step 7.  Keep writing implements handy at all times

Good advice, huh?   We’ve said “sure” to each other, and now we’re in it together on a wonderful journey.  Who knows where it will lead?

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