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Mapping Your Interests – Task Chapter 3

4 Jun

In Walking in this World: The Practical Art of Creativity Chapter 3: Discovering a Sense of Perspective, Julia Cameron assigns the task: Mapping Your Interests. She asserts that “the mapmaking of art points the human compass straighter toward home.”  In this task, all you have to do is list five items on each topic she sets forth.  Easy, no?  

For me, no.  In my normal habit of overthinking things, I struggled with this one, until I said to myself “Relax!  It doesn’t have to be the absolute top five things ever-since-the-beginning-of-time.  Just five things.”  So, here goes.  These lists could change tomorrow, or an hour from now, but here they are:

Five topics that interest me are:

1.  Language/linguistics/etymology (yes, I’m lumping them all together – call me a cheater if you will)

2.  Behavioral economics

3.  Archaeology

4. Psychology

5.  Music

Five people who interest me are:

1.  Maya Angelou

2.  Dan Ariely

3.  Jane Goodall 

4.  Adam Levine (yes, I’ve been watching The Voice)

5.  Julie Taymor

Five art forms that interest me are:

1.  Writing

2.  Photography

3.  Painting

4.  Dance

5.  Music

Five projects I could try out are:

1.  Take a photography class

2.  Enter a writing contest

3.  Start a new novel

4.  Write a song/score on piano

5.  Paint a picture

At least one of my items listed above will actually happen.  I have signed up for a photography workshop along with my fellow Chick, Eva.  It’s a one-night workshop in the middle of June.  I am really excited and perhaps we’ll share some of what we learn there on this blog later in the month.


2 Jun

After two months of doing nothing but writing (when not attending to life, of course), I can finally say that 85,000 words and several edits later, I have completed my first solo young adult novel – The Ordinarys. This is such an enormous accomplishment for me, who’s always had a hard time finishing anything! Oh, I’ve started many a great project, but it always seemed like something would get in the way (okay, it was usually just my own procrastination). I think the reason why this was so different is that I wrote the kind of story that I personally love to read, with the kind of romance and adventure that draws me into a story. I also let that which angers me in today’s world, such as greed and lust for power, fuel me forward through my writing. Add that to the fact that I never stopped, never missed a single day of writing, and voila – a completed novel.

Passion (+ pissed off) + perseverance = personal success!

Now it’s time to ship it off to the world of literary agents. Let the rejections (and hopefully an acceptance) commence!

Make Something of Yourself

20 May

The 4 Chicks Chat about Julia Cameron’s Walking in this World: The Practical Art of CreativityChapter 3: Discovering a Sense of Perspective

“The readings and talks of this week aim at detoxifying your thinking regarding the arts and your place as an artist in our society.  Art is tonic and medicinal for us all.  As an artist, you are a cultural healer.” ~Julia Cameron

This week, the Chicks looked beyond the barriers in their way, used their frustration as fuel, and made a slightly, er… different video.  As always, they shared their candid thoughts with each other, and with you, dear reader, about the art they are making and the artists they are becoming.  What are you making, and making of yourself, this week?   

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