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What Would You Attempt To do, If you Could Not Fail?

14 Nov

The very first post I wrote was about Fear of Failure.

I wrote:

” I realized that skydiving is my biggest fear.  I fear being that high.  I fear that the parachute won’t open.  I fear that I might die.  And I feel that if I could conquer this then I would be able to accomplish anything that is put before me without having the fear that I will fail at it.”

Well guess what?  I just conquered that fear with my wonderful Chick Vivi!  I was a nervous wreck but turned out I loved it!

Confronting Your Fears

26 Sep

I’m turning 45 in a few weeks. As I look back on my accomplishments and my failures, I can only wish that I would be able to express myself like Sarah Kay does; she is a young spoken poet. Spoken poetry is poetry and theater all wrapped in one.

I would be able to communicate how it felt being raised in the Projects of New York City. How it felt to be scared at a young age when I had to make a last-minute decision regarding taking the elevator or the stairs depending who was in the elevator. Then taking the stairs and always listening to see if there were neighborhood gangbangers hanging out on the lower level, or if I should take the elevator on the 3rd floor.

I would explain how it felt being abused by a distant uncle and NEVER taking the title of VICTIM; I had decided as a young adult that I was not a VICTIM, not going to be LABELED, that I was not going to put MY LIFE in someone else’s hands so they could control my future.

I would be able to express the joy of getting on the airplane to leave New York City for good and never coming back. The happiness and guilt I felt as I saw my cousin crying hysterically because we were raised like sisters — and I was leaving her behind.

The feeling of not fitting in, in the beginning because even though you were considered Puertorican in New York City, you were not considered that in Puerto Rico.

The happiness I felt when my parents divorced, because I knew the fighting would stop; and the sadness of seeing the sacrifices my mother had to make to raise three daughters on her own.

In all this time I was looking for my creative voice. I was not into art, music, acting, or writing. I did try a little of everything:  guitar, dance, gymnastics, swimming, I was even an aerobics instructor. I was always willing to try new things, but nothing stuck.

I’m inspired by people who have struggled in their lives and have been able to make it through to the other side.

So if you’re wondering “have I made it to the other side?”  The answer is:  YES I have.  I made it to the other side as a young adult, once I decided that I was not going to be a VICTIM.  Believe me, it was not easy to get to that point. I was rebellious, angry and hurt.  I came to the realization that I needed to forgive, for me to be able to move on in my life in a positive way.

Sarah Kay said in her poem
And she’s gonna learn that this life
will hit you.
In the face.
Wait for you to get back up just so it can kick you in the stomach.
But getting the wind knocked out of you is the only way to remind your lungs
how much they like the taste of air.

I love that! I had resigned myself to the fact that bad things do happen and it’s my reaction to them that dictates how much I let them affect me.  I’ve lived by the saying “I’ve been through worse; this is nothing”.

So if I could go back and change things, would I?  NO. Surprising, don’t you think? I have an amazing mother and family and — even with all the bad things — there were amazingly great things in my life. I believe that the bad or good things you go through in life shape who you become. But they do not define you.  If I had not gone through those situations, I would not be the person I am today. I love the person I’ve become.  I’m daring, overprotective about my kids, I love to laugh, I love life, and most of all I’ve found my creative voice. At the same time I’m also emotional, my worst critic, and shy.

But I don’t give up! As I get kicked in the stomach, I still get up and keep pushing forward.

As I write this, I’m scared to death to post it.  But here is one more wall I’m tearing down.

So, follow what you love and don’t ever let life’s circumstances or FEAR stop you from doing what you always wanted to do.



2 Jun

I had to come up with a script for my Video Editing class. I was terrified, because I’m not a writer. Vivi, Peggy and Tracey are the writers of the 4 chicks.

So, I was thinking what was I going to write. So, I though just like Cancer touches everyone also, alcoholism touches all of us one way or another. I wrote something that I knew a little about since it has touched my life through family members. Writing was a great help to me, to understand what it is like to battle such an awful disease and how it could ruin families and friendship. I was debating posting the script since this was more for my own closure but I’ve decided to share with you all.

Please forgive my grammar and script structure. My fellow chicks are amazing teachers and they do try hard, but you can’t teach an old dog new tricks LOL. Seriously, I’m trying. I hope you enjoy.



You hear cars zooming by and honking their horns. In the distance, the faraway lights of a car gets closer, brighter. The sound of a car crash interrupts the routine of the night. Smoke can be seen in the distant highway.


CASI (32) Pretty, hispanic, professional.

WAKES UP SUDDENLY puts her hand on her chest and realizes she is breathing heavily. She looks at her husband who is sleeping peacefully.


(Whispers to herself) I must have had a bad dream.

CASI tries to go back to sleep but tosses and turns unable to stop feeling that something is not right. She gets up and steps on some legos.


Ouch, that hurt!

Walks to her home office and turns on the computer, and begins to check her emails.


The phone rings.



20 second pause. All of a sudden the silence is broken by a scream. CASI collapses, clutching her stomach, her hands covering her face.


no… no.. no!!!!

Husband (35) jumps out of bed to the sounds of screaming and runs to CASI.


she has no makeup and her eyes are blood-shot from crying.


CASI is in a TAXI.


So where are you heading.

CASI does not answer and is staring out the window.




Miss are you ok?

For a few seconds CASI is staring at him like she does not know what to say.


Oh, sorry, yes. 5858 linden place, queens.

She keeps staring out the window.


CASI is standing in front of the building. She looks up at the building top floor.


CASI steps off the dirty and dark elevator, starts walking down the hall toward the door. The lights in the hall flickers on and off. She walks slowly, stopping to read some of the graffiti.

She pauses for a minute before knocking. Takes a breath. Knocks.

TIA MILAGRO (62) Puerto Rican overweight woman.

TIA MILAGRO opens the door.


(Sadness in her expression) Hola

Tia Milagro

(She hugs Casi) Hola mija! how was your flight.




Come in, everyone is waiting for you.


As she enters through the kitchen she can smell food. She walks to the table. The table is full of pork, rice, beans, plantains everything she loves.


(She gives a sad smile at the comforting scene) It feels like Christmas.


(she looks at CASI warmly and smiles) I’ll make you a plate.


No, it’s OK. I promise I will eat later. Thank you.

CASI walks into the living room. Her grandmother, cousins, aunts and uncles are there.

Everyone starts hugging her but are not sure what to say. People are eating and chatting. No one is talking about what happened.

They all sit down to eat and TIA MILAGRO turns on the television. The evening news appears and a familiar voice fills the room.


Witnesses reported a car traveling over 70 mph, and going the wrong way on the west bound side of the BQE at approximately 1:00am, struck another car head on, killing the drivers of both vehicles. According to police an empty bottle of vodka was found in the back seat of the car of Jerry Santos 59 from queens, killing him instantly. Dead at the scene also Andre Antonelli 49 from Long Island. With more of the story Michelle Summerland.

TIA MILAGRO quickly turns off the television. Everyone starts crying. CASI is angry and gets up and starts pacing back and forth.


(angry)How could he do this to me? and to our family? I just don’t understand!


Mija, he was an alcoholic.


That doesn’t give him any excuse to get into a car and kill someone else.

If he hated his life so much why not kill himself and get it over with.

ABUELA (Grandmother) (80)


(Angry and sad puts her hand on her chest)

My son was a good man and a wonderful father, and I won’t have you talk about him that way, especially in my home.


Abuelita he was my father.

My father who killed someone else.

My father!


You are just upset. Calm down.


It’s amazing that he thought that he was just doing harm to himself, without realizing the harm he was causing his family. He is gone but we are the ones who are going to have to live with this pain.

How do I face the family that lost their loved one because of my father’s irresponsibility? How do I apologize for his addiction? There is just no excuse. We are all to blame for this!

Maybe it’s all my fault, I knew that he was an alcoholic but I did nothing to stop him. All I did was tell him how much I loved him. Obviously that was not good enough. Should I have called the police and let them know that my father was always driving drunk? Abuelita he was living with you. Why didn’t you do anything?

ABUELA has a shocked look in her face.


Casi, stop right now!

There was nothing you or Abuela could have done.

He needed to want to stop drinking on his own. Your father loved you.



Oh and that is how you treat someone you love?

And do you want to hear more great news?

His life insurance won’t cover any of the funeral or burial costs, because there might be a lawsuit.


(pauses) So I was thinking of cremating him.

Everyone gasps.


How can you even think of cremating him. He was your father.

I don’t care what he did, I won’t let you cremate him.


Listen to me there is no money!

I can only put down $3,000. The funeral and burial cost is about $10,000.

Where am I going to get the rest of the money?


I though you owned your own business?

You are just trying to punish your father.


(shakes her head) First of all $3,000 is all I can put down because it’s all I have.

And second I can’t punish my father because he is already dead.


We will find a solution. I think all of us can put some money down to help for the funeral and burial cost.


I made up my mind, I’m going to cremate him.


Por favor Mija, let’s think about this.

Why don’t you go lay down for a while and then come and eat so we can talk.

CASI walks away and locks herself in the bedroom.


There is a knock on the door


Mija is time to get up. We have to be at the funeral by 10.

CASI sits up and just stares at the closed-door. She can hear people walking around and getting ready.


(mumbles to herself)Why bother going. He didn’t give a shit about me.

Why should I care?

She lays back down and pulls the covers over herself.

A knock on the door again.


I made your favorite breakfast Sorullitos De Maiz (cornmeal stick).

CASI sighs and pushes herself off the bed.


CASI is surrounded by her whole family and people are crying and saying their goodbyes. The coffin is being lowered.


You need to say goodbye to your father or you will regret it later.


I just can’t. Why should I?

He did not think of me when he got on that highway. He did not think what I may have to go thru.

He had a responsibility as a father he had no right to do this to me. So why even bother?

He is gone, and I need to get home to my husband and child.


I’m not going to push you.

But you need to forgive him if you want to move on with your life.

CASI does not respond.


CASI is on the airplane. There is a man sitting next to her.

JERRY (65) Physically, looks like he has a hard life.

The flight attendant passes by with drinks and offers CASI one but does not offer JERRY a drink.

CASI is looking out the window and looks angry. JERRY tries making chit-chat talk with her.


Are you going back home or vacation?


(she is still looking out the window as she responds)



That’s nice.

He notices that she is upset about something.


Do you want to talk about it?


Excuse me?


Sometimes talking with a stranger helps.


I don’t think so, and I really don’t think that you can help.


Try me.


(arms folded sarcastically blurts out) OK, My father, who had everything to live for, was an alcoholic.

He got behind the wheel and killed himself and took another person with him.

So tell me how are you going to help me?



CASI turns her head and stares out the window not expecting a reply.


I may not know how you feel but I can tell you that I know your father.

CASI looks at him shocked.


I’am a recovering alcoholic.


(unimpressed) You overcame it just like that huh?


Yes and no, it is still hard for me. it’s a constant struggle. I think about drinking from the time I wake up till I go to bed.

It’s an unending battle. There are good days and bad days, and certain situations trigger my craving for some booze.

It could be little things like a car cutting me in the road to feeling lonely.

You crave it so bad that you really don’t think about anything or anyone else and that is what your father was going through.

His wanting and craving was bigger than him.


I just don’t get it.

He had so much to live for, a daughter that loved him, has a grandchild, I mean had.

Why couldn’t that be enough?


I had a wife that loved me and wonderful children.

She stayed with me a really long time during my worst, till she came to the realization that there was nothing she could do and decided to leave me.

I loved her, I still love her, but the booze was more important than her or the children.

Don’t get me wrong I love my family but I loved the booze more.

I lost my job, lost my home. I was homeless. I slept in my car for over a year and still I drank.

After I had a drink in my hand I really didn’t care where I slept or who I hurt in the interim.


So what changed?


My body couldn’t take it anymore.

I was hospitalized, and the doctor said “you are slowly killing yourself and if you don’t get help now you will be dead in 6 months”.

My thinking was I’m better off dead anyway, I had lost everything by than.

I had nothing to live for.

Than, someone from a rehab center came to talk to me, I was tired by then and knew that even a drink wouldn’t fix the loneliness I felt.

I went to the rehab center even though I knew that they couldn’t fix me, I already been through 3 rehab’s and this was my fourth.

But I though what the hell! I really wanted to sleep in a bed so I went.


So it helped? I mean going to rehab?


(so so hand gesture) Kind’ve, I had already been through rehab many times.

But this time around I realized that I was never going to hit rock bottom.

If losing my job, my home, my family and living in the street wasn’t rock bottom for me.

I knew than that soon, it would be death knocking on my door.

I realized that I did not want to die that I needed to change for myself, that the facility,

preachers or family members couldn’t change me.

It had to be me. I figured that God had a purpose for me since I was still alive.


What is your purpose?


I’m still trying to figure that one out.

Your father drank not because you did anything or that he had this miserable life, It was because the craving was bigger than him.

He might have tried many times to stop but he couldn’t.

The booze always won so he might have decided to stop fighting it and let it swallow him whole.

Don’t hold on to the anger or you will carry his burden on your shoulders when in reality it had nothing to do with you.

Embrace and remember the good memories of your father and that he loved you and always wanted the best for you.


I just hate him right now. I don’t know if I can forgive him.


You hate him because he hurt you and that is normal to feel that way.

You will get through this. Trust me when I say that he loves you with all his heart and it hurts him seeing you in so much pain.

and if he could do it again differently he would.


You talk like you know him.


I do in a way. I’m an alcoholic and a father.

The only difference between your father and me is that he’s not struggling anymore.

JERRY extends his hand to CASI.


Oh, by the way my name is Jerry.

CASI is taken back but reaches out and shakes his hand.

The airplane is at the gate. Everyone stands up to grab their overhead luggage.

JERRY lets CASI stand in front of him and they are waiting for the door to open.

CASI turns back to say something to JERRY and the lady who was sitting one row back is standing behind her.

CASI starts looking around for JERRY, but does not see him.


Isn’t it great to have the whole row for yourself?

CASI look confused but says nothing.

The flight attendant come on the speaker.


Ladies and gentlemen the doors are open. You may now exit the plane.

CASI turns and walk down the Jetway. At baggage claim she is greeted by her husband and Child.


(hugs her warmly) How was your flight?




CASI, husband and child leave the airport. It’s sunny and warm outside. CASI pauses and looks up to the sky and smiles as she gets in the car.


(to herself) It finally stopped raining.



My New Passion “Knitting”

5 Apr

“Really, handknitting is a dreamy activity, built into many people’s thumbs and fingers by genes already there, itching to display their skills and achievement possibilities.”

–From Knitting Around

I started a new hobby!  Yes, I know, with what time?

Last year my mother-in-law got us for Christmas a beautiful knitted scarf.  I asked her how she did it and she started to teach me the basics of knitting.

A year later, I decided that if I was going to sit and watch TV I might as well be productive.  And started Knitting a Blanket.  I totally forgot what my mother- in-law showed me.  So, I got on you-tube and watched a few videos and said “how hard can this be?”   Let me say,  it’s been hard as you can tell from the picture on the left.

But, I’m not giving up.  This year I would like to make a few blankets for Christmas and need your help for an easy pattern and instructions how to knit.  If you can look at the picture and tell me what I’m doing wrong that would be awesome.  I only know how to do one stitch.

Thank you from the wannabe Knitter!

Disney Marathon

7 Jan

“I consider the pavement between 20 and 26 sacred ground: not for training, to be tread upon only with a race number on your chest.” – Hal Higdon

Disney Marathon 2012

Tomorrow is my big day.  I will be running the Disney Marathon.  The race starts at 5:30am and I’m in wave C.

I’ve trained as much as I possibly could, while running a business with my hubby, raising 2 little girls and trying to go back to school.

During my whole year of training of had my high’s and low’s.  I’ve question myself why I’m putting my body through this? Am I trying to prove something to myself?  But also I’ve had amazing revelations about what I could really do and how much my body can really handle.   It’s amazing to hear your mind say “give up Eva, you are to old for this” to my body saying “I can go longer, just keep pushing, don’t stop”.   It feels like the battle of good and evil.

My evil side is always complaining.  But my good side admires what I’m doing.  I know this sounds crazy but when you only have yourself to keep you company for 4 hours straight you get tired of hearing yourself.  You try to focus on the music, then you go through your checklist of things that you need to do for the month, you start planning your next Halloween party, and then the only thing left is thinking about how much pain you are in.

So, is this all worth it you may ask?  YES!  It’s worth all the pain.  You turn out realizing how tough you really are.

It’s amazing how going through the Julia Cameron, “Walking In This World” book with my 3 other chicks has helped me not only creatively but also helped me push myself in other things that I though would be impossible for me to do.

If we all lived our lives not fearing what other people might think of us, or letting insecurity stop us.  I wonder how much we all can really accomplish.

Week 7 Task: Learning to Navigate the Learning Curve

1 Nov

This is an exercise in encouragement. Faced with doing something new, we often forget we have successfully done many “somethings” old.  Take pen in hand and list 10 things you have learned to do despite your doubt they could be mastered.

– Julia Cameron

As you all know that we are recording our new Theme Song.   I have done some crazy things but singing has been the craziest. The truth is I can’t sing at all!  but that did not stop me, I was excited about recording our theme song.  I believe that having my chicks there supporting and encouraging me, and having our music muse there making me sound decent gave me the courage to do it and enjoy it.

Here is my list of 10 things I have leaned to do despite my doubts.

1. Run a Triathlon – Who though at 40ish something I could love this sport.
2. Buddha Center to learn how to meditate– I learned to quite my mind which was impossible for me, and has helped me deal with hard situations.
3. Accounting – WOW!  Never went to school for this and it has come naturally to me even though I really don’t enjoy it.
4. Writing – I’m not a very good writer.  But blogging has forced me to at least give it a try.
5. Videography – Even though I’m still learning.  I really enjoy capturing great moments on video.  And without it I would not be able to video blog the chicks.
6.  Going back to school – This is big.  I have been debating this for many years and questioning myself if I could go back and have the patience to do this.  Well I could say now that I’m doing great and enjoying every minute of it.
7.  Reiki Practitioner – Took Level 1 and Level 2 classes and has really helped me.
8.  Public Speaking – Ohhhhh! How I hate to speak in public.  But at my 5K Mercado Run I was forced to give a speech.  OK, it was not that bad and I wasn’t really forced. I did have some blocking moments in which I had to close my eyes when announcing the charity organization to the group, in which was the most important part of course.
9. Breast Feeding – Never though I could do this and was the best experience of my life.
10. Driving Stick Shift – I needed a car when going to college and someone was selling their Jeep for a good price.   I didn’t want to say that I couldn’t drive a Stick Shift, because I wanted the car so bad.  I learned on the way home from work with a friend telling me what to do.  I almost gave her a heart attack.

What are your 10 things?

Practice, Practice and Practice

18 Oct

Peggy and I took a photography class in June and it was wonderful.

I realize that to be good at something you need practice, practice and more practice.   So, I have been practicing and as I promised you, here are the pictures that I took in Puerto Rico.

Please keep in mind that I have an old Cannon Power Shot camera, so please do not judge the pictures too hard lol.


I'm Alive!



Can you see the raindrops?

Smaller Lizard

My God Jar and Believing Mirror Week 6 Task

23 Sep

A God Jar is a container for your sacred hopes and dreams.  Into your God Jar should go the name and description of anything you are trying to incubate or protect.  

In addition to a physical God Jar, it also helps to select one person as a personal “believing mirror.”  A believing mirror is a carefully chosen individual who helps a project’s growth be believing in it even in embryonic stages.  Most of us need to talk to someone, sometime, about our creative aspirations.  The right person to talk to is a believing mirror.

– Julia Cameron

I did not create a God Jar but I had this wonderful journal that was on my shelf  collecting dust and I decided to use it as my God Journal.

I’m an open book!  Which is great sometimes and not so great other times.  I do tell people what I’m doing and I do sometimes get criticized for it.  And I wonder at that time why did I have to mention it to that person or group when I knew they would not be so open to it. My thing is, if I say it than I have to do it.  There is no backing out of it.  It keeps me honest.   I just have to realize, that depending on my project, that I need to confide on my “believing mirror’s”.  People that won’t judge me and will support me with what ever crazy ideas that goes through my head.

4 Chicks

Joy Luck Club

I have been blessed to have two different “believing mirror’s” group of chicks.  That supports me through all my crazy ideas.  I have never felt judged or criticized by them.  And no matter how crazy my ideas are, they are always there to help me accomplish them.  I don’t think that I could have done the things that I do without them.  The 4 chicks and my Joy Luck Club has really helped me pursue what I love.  They listen to me whine, cry when things don’t turn out how I though they would. Or, when I’m happy about an outcome of a project, they are also happy like if it’s their own accomplishments.

So, who do you have that is your “believing mirror” and how have they help you pursue your dreams?

The Next Right Decision

4 Aug

Get clarity. Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed. Don’t be defeated by mistakes. Learn from them. – Oprah

My family and I have been working very hard organizing a Family Reunion 5K event.  This is our second year.  Last year we had 29 family members participate and it really only took us 3 month to organize it.  From buying Hanes t-shirts and ironing the logo to it and making our own goody bags with health information in it.  It was such a success that when discussed regarding doing something else for this year’s reunion, everyone wanted to do the 5K again.

So, me being me, I wanted to take it to the next level.  We decided to charge $10.00 for all participants and donate the money to an organization that helps the homeless in Puerto Rico.  We started working on this event 6 months ahead and the last month really tested what I’m really made of.

I think it’s always easier when you work on a project yourself, because you can do it exactly how you in-vision it.  But this time around I really needed help to make this a successful event. So I recruited a few of my cousins and sisters to help.  Thank god I had them to help me because there was no way I could have done this by myself.

I was also, being tested during this process running this event.  Like little things, being too bossy, to the economy being bad and maybe $10.00 would be too much to charge.  I question myself through it all.  “Was I making the right decision”?   Even my faith in God was being tested.  For whatever reason every time something was not going right one of my cousin Zulema would say to me “you need to have faith in God”.  That word FAITH kept coming up again and again and again.  I believed that Zulema was put there to remind me that I can’t control everything and that I needed to put my trust in something higher than me.  Last minute things started happening that were positive.  And what we couldn’t control we said we will deal with it when the time comes.

The day before the event, I had a what is called a nervous breakdown.  I kept saying to myself “what am I getting myself into” , “Do I have what it takes to make this successful”, “will I be judged and criticized “, “I don’t know if I can do this again”.  And on top of it all I had to say a speech in front of everyone.   I had to put things in perspective and say to myself.  “This is not about you Eva”. “This is about helping your family and also helping a wonderful cause”.

So, what helped me? A week before the event I received an email from my mother in law about a book that she though I would like.  First I did not tell her about my fears regarding organizing this event, but learning from Julia Cameron about synchronicity I knew that this book came to me at the right time when I needed it the most.  The book is called My Year with Eleanor: A Memoir by Noelle Hancock.  It was about conquering your fears. I finished the book the day before the event.  One of Noelle’s fear’s was public speaking and she signed up to do a stand up comedy at a comedy club.  The day of the show she went through all the fears regarding what if she freeze up on the stage or what if no one laughs.  Well it turned out that she could do this, and was actually very funny.

This is one of my biggest fears also, talking to a big group of people.  I have no problem talking if it’s one on one, I love to talk.  But talking to a group of people even if it’s my own family members, it was terrifying.   The night before, I wrote what I wanted to say, and after finishing My Year with Eleanor I was prying that my situation would  happen like Noelle.  That I would be nervous, but once up there it would just flow from me and I would be amazing.

Do you want to know what happened? I was awful!  I started OK but when I was talking about the charity and had the lady of the organization there with me, I forgot what I wanted to say.  I was shaking and the words would not come out of my mouth, I even forgot how to say homeless in Spanish (if you need to know it’s deambulante).  I had to close my eyes to focus myself.  Thank god the lady took the microphone and started talking about the charity herself.  After she spoke I took the microphone back and kept going on, with thank you’s and crowning the queen of the event.  I was embarrassed and ashamed of myself.  You have to understand that I’m married to a person that goes around the country doing public speaking.  You would think, after 15 years that it would have rubbed on me.  Once up there I realized that it didn’t rub on me at all! LOL.

Eleanor Roosevelt says:

“About the only value the story of my life may have is to show that one can, even without any particular gifts, overcome obstacles that seem insurmountable if one is willing to face the fact that they must be overcome; that, in spite of timidity and fear, in spite of lack of special talents, one can find a way to life widely and fully.”

Even though I found out that I don’t have public speaking talent.  The most important thing was that I put myself out there and was able to conquer one of my own fears.  I was able to prove to my girls that nothing is impossible.  So, now I can say that I did it, that at least I tried.  Was it great? No.  Did I get judged? No.  Was it that awful? No.  Would I do it again? YES.

So, going through this process with the 4 chicks and a muse, did help me in many ways.  Julia Cameron say that their will always be that negative voice, but it’s really up to you if you are going to listen to it or not.

I took the leap of faith and it was a success.  I enjoyed and was inspired in helping a wonderful cause. We were able to raise $700.00 for the Albergue el Paraiso.  Doubled our family participation.  And, even if this event changed only one person to better themselves physically and mentally.  Than I made the right decision.


Moving Forward

13 Jul

“I never began any important adventure in which I felt adequelty prepared”

By: Sheldon Kopp

What a powerful quote.  “I never began any important adventure in which I felt adequelty prepared”.  I personally, let that little voice in the back of my head delay me from what my life purpose is.  It tells me you need to take one more class, read one more book, and than you will be qualified.  I know that it’s a delay tactic from my negative voice that tries to persuade me that I’m almost ready but not quite there.

I also feels that I look for an authorive figure to tell me that I’m on the right track.  But I realize that I’m my own authority and I need to give myself my own permission and say GO.

We all have insecurities but the question is, will we let it stop us.  And for those that are actually doing it, they feel the fear but still do it.  If we wait for a time that we are fear free that might never happen.  So take action and move forward!

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