SPROUT! Reach For the Sun

10 Apr

I struggled with the word SPROUT! for a while.  What does it mean to me as an artist? And as an action?

Initially, I felt as though once I’ve planted the seeds and given them nourishment, all I can do is watch them grow.  But that’s passive. There’s no power in that.  Then…I thought of myself as the SPROUT! instead of the gardener.

Glysiak 25 Sept 11 CCA-SA

Glysiak 25 Sept 11 CCA-SA

What would I do if I were sprouting?  Why, I’d reach for the sun.  With each tendril unfurling, I’d reveal new parts of myself.  Pushing and stretching and striving toward the light.  Bringing forth something that did not exist in the world before.  So, that is what I am doing this month.

I’ve pushed myself in both my young adult and middle grade novels, writing new scenes, discovering new traits within my characters and getting words down on the page that bring my stories closer and closer to the light of day. And I will keep pushing, keep writing, keep reaching, keep sprouting.

What will unfold this month when you SPROUT?

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