Do What You Can

11 Jan

Video Contest to Win a Kindle Ends Monday.

Like the pursuit of me, the Muse, the current 4 Chicks video contest may have you a bit confused. What sitcom could THAT possibly be? you might press your spouse. I know some of the sitcoms and other scenes seem vaguely familiar, but TEN? you might test your office buddy. What in the world ARE those crazy Chicks doing? you might wonder reasonably to yourself.

Do NOT be discouraged! As with life, help presents itself to those who look for it. Seek, and you really shall find–especially on YouTube.

But like any creative undertaking, the most important thing is to DO WHAT YOU CAN. In this case, email what you know–to Don’t forget to Subscribe or Like first to be eligible to win. Remember, one random winner will be drawn from those who have the MOST correct sitcoms named, and as of now, NO ONE has guessed all ten!

Keep in mind that only 18 scenes are parodies. With the exception of the parodied opening banner image, the sitcom scenes occur from the green-screen on. In between are just scenes of the Chicks being…well, their “normal” selves.

And while it’s never too late to start doing the things you want to do, time will run out for this contest. So get your email in by Monday, 1/16/12, 11:59 p.m. Reread full rules. And watch the video as often as you need or can stand, or until your kids offer to clean their rooms if you agree to stop playing “that song”.

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