My God Jar and Believing Mirror Week 6 Task

23 Sep

A God Jar is a container for your sacred hopes and dreams.  Into your God Jar should go the name and description of anything you are trying to incubate or protect.  

In addition to a physical God Jar, it also helps to select one person as a personal “believing mirror.”  A believing mirror is a carefully chosen individual who helps a project’s growth be believing in it even in embryonic stages.  Most of us need to talk to someone, sometime, about our creative aspirations.  The right person to talk to is a believing mirror.

– Julia Cameron

I did not create a God Jar but I had this wonderful journal that was on my shelf  collecting dust and I decided to use it as my God Journal.

I’m an open book!  Which is great sometimes and not so great other times.  I do tell people what I’m doing and I do sometimes get criticized for it.  And I wonder at that time why did I have to mention it to that person or group when I knew they would not be so open to it. My thing is, if I say it than I have to do it.  There is no backing out of it.  It keeps me honest.   I just have to realize, that depending on my project, that I need to confide on my “believing mirror’s”.  People that won’t judge me and will support me with what ever crazy ideas that goes through my head.

4 Chicks

Joy Luck Club

I have been blessed to have two different “believing mirror’s” group of chicks.  That supports me through all my crazy ideas.  I have never felt judged or criticized by them.  And no matter how crazy my ideas are, they are always there to help me accomplish them.  I don’t think that I could have done the things that I do without them.  The 4 chicks and my Joy Luck Club has really helped me pursue what I love.  They listen to me whine, cry when things don’t turn out how I though they would. Or, when I’m happy about an outcome of a project, they are also happy like if it’s their own accomplishments.

So, who do you have that is your “believing mirror” and how have they help you pursue your dreams?

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