Creative Visualization

10 Mar

I just found my vision board that we Chicks each created when we were going through the The Artist’s Way book last year.  I decided to put it out so I can see it everyday and focus on what I want to create for myself.

I don’t know if you realize that I’m not a writer like my other Chicks. My creative endeavor is to do a documentary of my mother’s family.  I know what I need to do; I can see it in my mind and how I want it to go.  But it’s been so hard to put it down on paper and to really get a clear picture of what I want the viewer to know. I can go in so many directions, that I just get frustrated and don’t do anything.

So looking at my vision board made me think that the vision board has helped me in many ways.  By seeing it I’ve had a clear picture of what I want to accomplish and what I need to do to accomplish it.   Then I realized, that I need to treat my documentary the same way.   Put it all down on paper, even if I jump around and go in different directions.  But by visually seeing it, it will become clearer what I want the viewers to see.

“I like to think of myself as an artist, and my life is my greatest work of art.  Every moment is a moment of creation, and each moment of creation contains infinite possibilities.  I can look at all the different alternatives, and try something new and different and potentially more rewarding. Every moment presents a new opportunity and a new decision.

What a wonderful game we are all playing, and what a magnificent art form…”

– Creative Visualization by:Shakti Gawain

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