3 Mar

According to TRACEY…

Knowing Eva is truly an adventure.  It’s like one big party after another—literally.  Over the years of our friendship, I’ve enjoyed many fun and unique Eva-events, including my son’s baby shower—a Pirate Murder Mystery.  Yep.  Eva doesn’t do anything ordinary.

Besides being my favorite hostess with the mostest, Eva is a natural entrepreneur.  She and her husband operate a successful trade show supply business based here in Orlando.  They have a symbiotic relationship: Chris keeps the clients happy; Eva keeps the books black.  It’s sweet, really.

What else can I tell you about my dear friend?  She’s a great mom to her two girls, of course.  Oh, and one day Eva announced that she wanted to be healthier.  Six months later she was in a triathlon.  That summer she held a multi-generational fitness day in her hometown in Puerto Rico for three dozen or so of her closest family members.   And now she’s starting nutrition school.

English is Eva’s second language, but video is her third.  It’s the form of communication that feels most natural to her.  But Eva’s passion and enthusiasm come across in whatever medium she employs.  So while Eva herself will insist she is not a writer, the rest of us Chicks know better than to listen to her, and you should, too.  Besides, going through The Artist’s Way was Eva’s idea.  So it’s all her fault: us four regular moms trying to become fulfilled artists, this crazy blog, everything.

See, whatever Eva decides to do, she does with the force of her whole being.  Like a perky, Puerto-Rican bulldozer, she moves mountains–and people–as needed, through her sheer positive will.  Yet even more, Eva is also a natural coach. Without even being conscious of it, Eva is always encouraging others to reach their goals and helping empower them to do it.  Truth be told, this can be annoying.  I mean, it’s really hard to procrastinate properly with Eva and her prying questions.  I especially loathe her cheery, “So what’s your next step?” (My answer: off a cliff.)

That’s Eva, as I see her.  If you follow this blog, I think you’ll come to love this irrepressible trouble-maker as much as I do.

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